Daeryl Holzer, ClairvoyantSomething magical awaits you!

We are spiritual beings, having a human experience, often struggling with life’s pain and confusion. We don’t need to be told to rise above; we need tangible ways to shift out of that drama. We need concepts and practices to apply to our personal challenges on a daily basis, ways to remember who we are on a soul level, and new experiences to restore hope, joy, and empowerment.

In response to a series of intense personal challenges, Daeryl learned to embrace her natural gift of insight and her profound connection to Spirit. Over the course of nearly two decades, she developed the SoulShift Healing Process, a compilation of concepts and techniques enabling a shift from human drama to an exalted soul experience. Her work focuses on accessing and clearing soul memories, and using intuition and imagination to transform current reality. Her goal is to help others develop a strong and direct connection with the divine life force, as an avenue to personal growth and improved daily living.

A skilled clairvoyant and down-to-earth spiritual teacher, Daeryl provides a variety of ways to access her knowledge and inspiration. Please explore this site for information about Clairvoyant Sessions, Workshops & Talks, and Books & Projects, as well as free insights through her SoulShift Blog, articles and client excerpts.

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Daeryl_Holzer_BookPhotoOpening A Window To The Soul:
A Guide to Living Beyond the Human Drama

A profound and in-depth dialog of Spirit-guided insights addressing commonly asked questions. Detailed examples provide a clear understanding of both innovative and ancient spiritual principles, describing life from the soul evolution perspective. Daeryl’s teachings are rich with imaginative, practical tools to transcend human dramas and improve life.
Signed copy – $15.00

Now available as a Kindle Book!

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